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Valido Knowledge Base

Discover the leading visual validation platform for ecommerce

What is Valido?

Valido is designed with the needs of ecommerce in mind, with real-time access and comprehensive analysis of your online store's UI and customer experience. So you can respond faster, optimize better and build the perfect user experience.

How does visual validation work?

Visual validation is the core of Valido: it enables ecommerce businesses to effectively manage UI changes and rapidly detect visual errors. Visual errors can directly impact the conversion rate for online sales as well as the performance of marketing campaigns.

Why Valido for ecommerce?

Visual testing is not merely about checking the user interface. For online stores, it is also important to verify that user interactions return the expected visual results. With Valido, you can validate the correctness of an ecommerce behaviour from both UI and functional point of views.

The knowledge base

The knowledge base serves as an online help center to get support, to learn more about Valido, and to discover ways to take full advantage of its features. Feel free to contact us or open a support ticket if you face any issues using our services.

Latest tips

In addition to our step-by-step tutorials, we also have a Tips section which contains guidelines, suggestions and best practices for Valido and visual testing. Be sure to check it out as well, so that you can harness the full power of Valido for your ecommerce.

Do you need more help?

No time to configure and manage your tests? Not to worry. We can look after the configuration, management and 24x7 monitoring of your visual tests, through our managed services plan. This way you can focus more on growing your business.