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Valido release 1.8.0

· 2 min read
Leon Lau

Testing, easy popups management

Valido testing popup button A new popup feature has been added to the automatic testing. It can be used anytime your ecommerce adopt popup strategies for cookies, newsletters, promotions. Sometimes they are triggered randomly and they can affect the proper test execution (break it because they can be unexpected). The idea, behind this new feature, is to add an action associated for each needed popup (close, accept, refuse, ...). In this way, everytime the popup will appear (anytime, anywhere in the running flow), in the test execution, it will be handled by the configured action.

Testing, auto detected issues

The auto detection has been enhanced marking the test´s action as failure everytime an http error code is returned.

Testing, APIs & 3rd party services enhancement

The status of each single request has been added in the API & 3rd party services: Valido testing API 3rdparties It has also been integrated in the browser console data of each test´s action.

Testing, Creation and editing

The element creation for each testing action has been improved providing a better UX, in particular displaying the Xpath and better organizing all the elements of a test.

Testing, Dashboard

The test running statistics have been separated into a drop down element. The focus has been defined in the immediate visualization of any possible issue or change found through the tests running.