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Valido release 1.4.0

· One min read
Leon Lau

Recorded sessions released!

Valido ecommerce no code recorded sessions Added the no code capabilities. For the Quality Assurance testers, without programming experience, it will be one click away the creation of a functional test. Enabling the tracking code on the merchant website header, the real user sessions will be recorded and categorized in the "Recorded sessions" tab. Selecting a session, the test will be created click on "Create Test".

Improved visualization of the different types of tests

The Tests tab, for the Testing tool, has been improved splitting the different types of tests in categories according to the way they have been created (manually or automatically with the recorded session feature).

Improved list of devices

Available devices feature has been improved, on administration side, in order to allow a better a management of all the latest availabe devices.

Pricing and plans

The plans have been extended with a better definition between free and paid plans. Details: