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Valido release 1.5.0

· One min read
Leon Lau

SDK integration released in Beta

Valido ecommerce SDK code tests Added full code capabilities. For the Quality Assurance testers, with programming experience, it will be easy to integrate their code repositories and check out the tests results directly in the Valido´s boards. In order to be integrated with Valido, the code tests should import and use the Valido´s SDK (still in beta). If interested, you can contact our support team:

Read only mode for expired plans

Even if your plan is over, now you could review the results (in read only mode) without any limitation, and eventually execute, edit or create a new test as soon as the plan is renewed or upgraded.

Self-service of plans updates

Now you can upgrade & downgrade your plan whenever you need. You can even cancel it, without having the need to contact our support. Everything is self-service in order to provide full flexibility.

On-boarding directly form a URL

You can on-boarding now providing, as initial step, directly the URL of your e-commerce. It will be connected to our website in order to facilitate the sign in and start using Valido as soon as possible.