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· One min read
Leon Lau

Testing, log errors classification

The possible errors detected in the status Behaviour Change, are now properly classified and enriched by all the details needed to investigate source root of the issue.

Testing, editing, baselines

Baseline visualization has been updated optimizing the rendering per device.

Testing, editing, running

Running a test directly into the editing mode has been improved, in particular the access to the results now available per device.

· One min read
Leon Lau

Testing, Trello integration

Valido trello integration button In the brand configuration, it is now possible to enable the integration with Trello, for the automatic creation of tickets. In fact, once enabled, any ticket could also created in the Trello dashboard of preference.

Testing, edit, running option

In order to enhance and facilitate the test creation, it is now possible run the test directly from the Editing panel and check instantly possible issues or positive results.

Testing, APIs & 3rd party services enhancement

The status of each single request running in a page, now also affects the general status of the test. In fact, if any 3rd party or API request fails, it will be cause the application of API warning in the test status. It enhance the awareness of api status for any test validation.