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Get immediately notified on visual UI changes

Valido has a simple alert system based on push notifications that arrive directly on your device.

Enable / Disable notifications

If you want to be notified every time a change is detected by Valido's automated visual testing, it is necessary to enable the notification option. This toggle option is available in your account page.

Your account page:

Valido Account page

The toggle to enable/disable notifications:

Valido way to enable or disable the notifications

When the toggle is enabled, a popup message will appear prompting you to allow Valido to send notifications to your device:

Browser will ask to allow Valido to visualize notifications

Click on Save in order to save the option changes. Now, you are all set to receive notifications from Valido!

An example of notification

Whenever you have Valido opened (as app or through the browser) and notifications are enabled, an alert indicating a visual change will be pushed to your device's notification area, like the following one:

Valido notification on Windows Desktop

What to do if you are still not receiving notifications?

Valido notifications blocked If you are not receiving notifications on your computer, or are unable to activate notifications through the steps above, there are a few checks that you can perform:

  1. Browser configuration
  2. PC configuration

Browser configuration (Google Chrome):

  1. Go to the notification settings in your browser Chrome notification settings
  2. Make sure that the Valido app is allowed to send notifications through the browser Chrome app notification allowed settings

PC configuration (Windows 10):

  1. Go to the notifications & actions Windows 10 notification settings
  2. Scroll down to make sure that you are allowing notifications from Google Chrome (or any other browser that you may be using for Valido)

Windows 10 apps allowed