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Let's first take a look at the Dashboard:

Valido dashbord showing real case e-commerce validation

Main components

The filters

The filters bar allows you to enlarge or reduce the set of data that is displayed in the visualization components. In particular, it is possible to filter by:

  1. Specific account (if you have multiple organizations)
  2. Device tested
  3. Period of time
  4. Brand (if you have multiple within your account)
  5. Region

Color legend

It is fundamental to understand the colors used in the app, in order to correctly interpret the test results:

  1. green: an acceptable level of similarity was found during the test execution. Everything looks good.
  2. orange: a visual change was detected in one or more ecommerce pages. The change may or may not be expected, therefore it needs to be reviewed.
  3. red: the change or changes were not expected, therefore the test result has been marked as rejected.
  4. blue: an error in the validation setup prevented the test from executing.

Days reviewed

This is a histogram visualizing your ecommerce test executions. The results are marked according to the color scheme mentioned above and are displayed according to the preferred granularity (1 hour, 4 hours, 8 hours, 1 day).

Changes all over the world

This map is a display of visual changes by geographical location. The status of your ecommerce test executions are grouped by country and marked according to the color scheme above. A single unaccepted test result (whether orange, red, or blue) will mark the country as the corresponding color other than the Valido-green.

Sessions for review

The sessions table provides the list of ecommerce pages that need to be reviewed because a change or changes have been detected during a test execution., It is also possible to list all the executions by disabling the "Hide reviewed" toggle. In this view, results are sorted by the page, the brand, the date & time of execution, and the similarity index. The similarity index is a percentage number that indicates the similarity between the baseline (expected) versus the current (actual) screenshot of a webpage.

Page tested by brand

This view at the bottom part of the dashboard shows a summary of ecommerce pages tested, arranged by brand. You can click the respective page of a brand to quickly view the corresponding list of tests executed, ordered by day and time.