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Single Page Test


The Single Page Test is the straightforward process of creation of a Visual Validation testing. To start, just to click on the button "+ New test" located at the top right corner of the application window.

Valido create new test wizard, New test button

Test creation wizard

The test creation is a guided process which can be slighty different according to the testing requirements. Valido simplifies the process of creation and maintenance of visual tests through its easy-to-use wizard feature. No technical skills needed!

Starting the wizard

The wizard is composed of a few steps, in particular:

  1. Choosing the template
  2. Configuring the properties & countries
  3. Configure the actions (optional)
  4. Summary and confirmation

Valido wizard overview

Let's review each of these steps.

1. Choosing the template

In the first step, a few templates are presented on the screen. Choose "Single Page". The other options are reseverd for Flow testign. Valido create new test wizard, the first step

2. Configuring properties and countries

Next, the test properties need to be configured. These are:

  1. The device resolution: Mobile, Desktop or both
  2. The name of the test, for example "Home Page Validation"
  3. The brand (select from the list of brands configured for the account)
  4. The page type
  5. The frequency of the test executions

Finally, select the countries to test and input the corresponding URL for each chosen country.

Valido create new test wizard, the second step

3. Review and confirm

The final step of the wizard is to review the test configuration details based on the previous steps. Once you are satisfied with the configuration, click Finish to confirm the test creation.

Valido create new test wizard, the final step to review the configuration Valido create new test wizard, Click Finish to confirm

Congratulations, your test has been created!

Once the test has been created succesfully, it will execute according to the configured properties. It will subsequently appear in the Tests tab and the results will be reported in the Dashboard page.

Wizard Video Test Creation